Mark Fosner (Foz): PARTNER

Foz, a founding partner in the firm, was forbidden from becoming an architect by his architect father. Fortunately, he had already inherited the desire to design and ended up completing his first house about the same time he received his driver’s license. Like Kito, Foz has a BA from Ohio University and a Master’s of Architecture from Georgia Tech.

Foz is an avid Braves fan and is enjoying raising three additional Braves supporters. He is equally adept with a softball bat and fencing foil. He is passionate about his architecture, passionate about being a dad, and passionate about the outdoors. His two favorite architects are Frank Lloyd Wright and Eero Saarinen; Wright for his incredible sense of space and Saarinen because he was one of the first architects to employ a wide range of styles, adapting his design to the client’s needs rather than having a style driven practice. Foz strives to be like his heroes, always aiming to serve his clients’ diverse needs by fabricating unique, creative and inspiring solutions of all types and styles to best fit his clients’ desires and lifestyles.

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